In a faceoff with Elon Musk, the SEC blinked:

Judge’s remarks in 2019 knocked SEC’s confidence court would back them: Core issue – what is “material” information – was left to Musk and Tesla to decide: As some tweets went unvetted, SEC opted to urge Musk to comply, rather than go to court: SEC was also uneasy about risk of starting litigation given Musk’s … Read more

Legendary lithium riches from Bolivia’s salt flats may still just be a mirage:

SALAR DE UYUNI, Bolivia, May 23 (Reuters) – On Bolivia’s Salar de Uyuni, a vast white salt flat that feels almost otherworldly, Karina Quispe is watching from the sidelines a global resource race for the world’s largest – and almost untapped – trove of lithium metal battery. Her village on the edge of the salar … Read more

Iraq balks at greater Chinese control of its oilfields:

Iraq persuaded Lukoil to halt sale to Sinopec – sources: Baghdad concerned China becoming too dominant – sources: Western firms not happy with terms of Iraqi deals: LONDON / BASRA, May 17 (Reuters) – Iraq’s oil ministry thwarted three prospective deals last year that would have handed Chinese firms more control over its oilfields and … Read more

South Korea hunts tungsten treasure in race for rare minerals:

S.Korean tungsten mine gets $ 100 million makeover: Dozens of new mineral projects launched globally: Green, digital booms fuel demand for rare minerals: China is pre-eminent in critical minerals supply: GRAPHIC-S.Korea’s reliance on China: SANGDONG, South Korea, May 9 (Reuters) – Blue tungsten winking from the walls of abandoned mine shafts, in a town that’s … Read more