New Physics Theory Suggests Black Holes Are Key to Universe’s Expansion and Contraction Cycles:

The universe is expanding. No one with any expertise in astronomy or physics disagrees with that fact. Likewise, nobody really disagrees that, at some point many billions of years in the future, the universe is going to expand too far:—And run out of energy for further expansion. At that point, something has to change. That’s … Read more

This MIT Bot Can Accurately Predict Your Race Using an X-Ray. Scientists Have No Idea How It Works.

Artificial intelligence has a racism problem. Look no further than the bots that go on racist rants, or the facial recognition tech that refuses to see Black people, or discriminatory HR bots that will not hire people of color. It’s a pernicious issue plaguing the world of neural networks and machine learning that not only … Read more

Why Future Space Farms Depend on Plants Grown in Antarctica:

Figuring out how to feed people in space is a major part of a larger effort to demonstrate the viability of long-term human habitation of extraterrestrial environments. On May 12, 2022, a team of scientists announced that they had successfully grown plants using lunar soil gathered during the Apollo moon missions. But this is not … Read more