‘I thought it was a sick joke’: They gave up other job offers to work for Coinbase, and are now unemployed:

When Hao Jia received an email from Coinbase that his job offer had been rescinded, he was on his way to watch “Top Gun: Maverick, ”the blockbuster movie starring Tom Cruise. Jia’s girlfriend had asked him to watch it for her because she was in China, where the film has not been released, and could … Read more

The clock is running out for Congress to pass Big Tech antitrust bills this year:

Nearly three years ago, when the Justice Department and Federal Trade Commission launched probes into the business practices of Big Tech, antitrust experts and legal talking heads declared a new age in enforcement and a chastening of unbridled financial power. But a pandemic and countless bill markups later – amid feverish lobbying efforts by Apple … Read more

Wall Street Is So Terrified, Stocks Might Be Ready to Rise:

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell: Tom Williams-Pool / Getty Images: Text size: To paraphrase Monty Python, the stock market isn’t dead quite yet. Sure, it feels like the: S&P 500: has nowhere to go but down. The index dropped 4.9% last month, its worst April since 1970, and sentiment toward stocks remains terrible, with only … Read more