High US Fuel Exports Are Contributing to $ 5-a-Gallon Gas:

A rapid rise in American fuel exports this year has helped push gasoline prices to a record $ 5 a gallon and is pressuring US prices of natural gas, which hit the highest levels in over a decade earlier this month. In recent months, companies and commodities traders have shipped more US gasoline and diesel … Read more

Wall Street Is So Terrified, Stocks Might Be Ready to Rise:

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell: Tom Williams-Pool / Getty Images: Text size: To paraphrase Monty Python, the stock market isn’t dead quite yet. Sure, it feels like the: S&P 500: has nowhere to go but down. The index dropped 4.9% last month, its worst April since 1970, and sentiment toward stocks remains terrible, with only … Read more

Exxon and Chevron, Buoyed by High Oil Prices, Shower Investors With Cash:

Big oil companies are continuing to reap the benefits of high commodity prices but aren’t backing off plans to reward investors while keeping production roughly flat. Exxon XOM: -2.24% Mobil Corp. said Friday it collected $ 5.5 billion in first-quarter profit, more than double the same period last year. The US oil giant said it … Read more