Microsoft’s Calling It Quits on Creepy Emotion Recognition Tech:

Photo:: John MacDougall: (Getty Images:) Microsoft’s turning its back on its: scientifically suspect: and ethically dubious: emotion recognition technology:. For now, at least. In a major win for privacy advocates sounding the alarm on under-tested and invasive biometric technology, Microsoft announced it’s planning to retire its so-called “emotion recognition” detection systems from its Azure Face … Read more

No, Google’s AI is not sentient:

CNN Business: – Tech companies are constantly hyping the capabilities of their ever-improving artificial intelligence. But Google was quick to shut down claims that one of its programs had advanced so much that it had become sentient. According to an eye-opening tale in the Washington Post on Saturday, one Google engineer said that after hundreds … Read more

This MIT Bot Can Accurately Predict Your Race Using an X-Ray. Scientists Have No Idea How It Works.

Artificial intelligence has a racism problem. Look no further than the bots that go on racist rants, or the facial recognition tech that refuses to see Black people, or discriminatory HR bots that will not hire people of color. It’s a pernicious issue plaguing the world of neural networks and machine learning that not only … Read more